Car Parking

Alice Springs Airport car parks offer short and long term stays and are available two hours before the arrival of the first scheduled flight and half an hour after the departure of the last scheduled flight. Their competitive rates provide value for money and the convenience of travelling at your own pace.

Public car parking is strictly prohibited at the Terminal kerb side. Visitors can be set down and passengers picked up in front of the Terminal building as long as the vehicle is NOT LEFT UNATTENDED and the three minute time limit is abided by. Unattended vehicles will be issued with parking infringement notices, as will any vehicles found not abiding by the regulations. Alternatively, our Short Term Car Park is FREE for the first ten minutes for pick-up and drop-off.

The Short term car park is located directly in front of the terminal and offers free parking for the first ten minutes; subsequent charges start at $5.00 for one hour. Tickets are allocated upon entry, and payment must be made inside the terminal before returning to your car.

Prices are of 1st December 2015

Short term charges

Length of stay

Rate (inclusive of GST)

0 - 10 minutesFREE

10 minutes - 1 hour


1 - 4 hours


4 - 12 hours


12 - 24 hours*


*Daily fee applies to a 24 hour period or part thereof.

The Long term car park is located to the eastern side of the Terminal (to the left when approaching the Terminal by road from the roundabout). Collect a ticket from the dispenser at the boom gate and keep this ticket until your return. Payment can be made at the automatic pay station inside the front of the Terminal by inserting the ticket and paying by cash or credit card. Insert the processed ticket into the gate controller when exiting the car park. Booking in advance is not required.

At times during peak periods such as Easter or Christmas, the long-term car park may be full. Signs will direct you to an alternate secure parking place. 

Long term charges

Length of stay

Rate (inclusive of GST)


Length of stay

Rate (inclusive of GST)

1 Day


 16 Days$212.00

2 Days


 17 Days$224.00
3 Days$51.00 18 Days$236.00
4 Days$68.00 19 Days$248.00
5 Days$80.00 20 Days$260.00
6 Days$92.00 21 Days$272.00
7 Days$104.00 22 Days$284.00
8 Days$116.00 23 Days$296.00
9 Days$128.00 24 Days$308.00
10 Days$140.00 25 Days$320.00
11 Days$152.00 26 Days$332.00
12 Days$164.00 27 Days$344.00
13 Days$176.00 28 Days$356.00
14 Days$188.00 29 Days$368.00
15 Days$200.00 30 Days$380.00

Daily fee applies to a 24 hour period or part thereof.
Additional Days at $12.00 each.
1 month maximum stay unless prior arrangements are made.

Premium long term car parking

Alice Springs Airport is introducing a premium option for those pasengers who need undercover, shaded long term car parking. Our new solar power panels have been installed on shade structures in our Long Term Car Park, providing you with a covered option when parking your car for an extended period. 

Long Term Premium

Length of stay 

Rate (inclusive of GST)

1 - 4 days

$19.00 per day

Day 5 onwards

$16.00 per day

Daily fee applies to a 24 hour period or part thereof.

Annual Long Term Parking Permits available on request


How to pay

On entering the car park you will receive a ticket from the machine at the entry gate. Take this ticket with you when you leave your vehicle, and pay at one of the pay stations located inside the terminal before returning to your vehicle to exit the car park. As you leave the car park, insert the paid ticket into the exit station and the boom gate will open and you may exit. 

Lost Ticket Information

If your vehicle is parked in either the short term or long term car parks and you have lost your ticket during office hours Monday to Friday, you will need to visit the Airport Management Centre Office (inside the terminal) for assistance. For long term car park users proof of entry date by way of airline boarding pass or travel itinerary will be required.

Out of office hours and weekends press the ‘Lost Ticket’ button at any of the pay stations and follow the instructions on the screen. The lost ticket fee is $300.00. If your vehicle was parked at the airport and the fee would have been less than $300.00, you can apply for a refund of the difference. To do this, please complete a ‘Refund for Lost Ticket Fee’ form and return it to Alice Springs Airport Management Centre. 

To download the 'Refund for Lost Ticket Fee' form, click here. Alternatively, the form can be obtained from the Airport Management Centre by calling 08 8951 1211.

Disabled Parking

Alice Springs Airport provides free parking in the short term car park for Disability Parking Permit Holders (for a maximum of 12 hours). 

  • When arriving, please take a ticket at the entry gate as normal.
  • During your visit, please proceed to the Management Centre within the Terminal building to provide your details (e.g. permit number).
  • You will be given a free parking pass to be used upon exiting the car park. 

This process must be followed in order to receive the parking free of charge.