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Parking Info

How to pay

On entering the car park you will receive a ticket from the machine at the entry gate. Take this ticket with you when you leave your vehicle, and pay at one of the pay stations located inside the terminal before returning to your vehicle to exit the car park.  As you leave the car park, insert the paid ticket into the exit station and the boom gate will open and you may exit.

Payment for short and long term parking can be made with a credit card at the exit gate, and a paper receipt will be issued upon payment. All cash payments must be made at the pay stations inside the terminal.


Lost Ticket Information

If your vehicle is parked in either the short term or long term car parks and you have lost your ticket just press the "Help" button on any of the Pay Stations and follow the Operators directions.


Disabled Parking

Alice Springs Airport provides free parking in the short term car park for Disability Parking Permit Holders (for a maximum of 12 hours).

When arriving, please take a ticket at the entry gate as normal.
When leaving drive to the exit and press the "Help" button. The Operator will respond after a few moments and ask to see the Disabled Pass. Please hold the pass up to the camera. Once the pass has been sighted the Operator will raise the boom gate.