• Prepare for your flight
    • Passport & Visas

      If you are travelling overseas, make sure passports and any necessary visas are valid before you travel. This applies to both the countries you will be visiting and any transit stops. The relevant country embassies can give you the latest information.

      • Tip: Many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months on arrival.
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    • Packing your baggage

      Baggage limits vary from airline to airline - please visit your carrier's website for more information.

      • Tip: Pay for additional baggage weight online and avoid excess baggage fees at check-in desk
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    • How to get here

      All set to come to Alice Springs Airport? There are multiple transport options for those travelling to the airport.

  • At the airport
    • Finding your way around

      The check-in and security areas at Alice Springs Airport are located on the ground floor inside the terminal building. Upon entering the terminal, you can find the check-in counters on the right-hand side, and the security screening area is located adjacent to the check-in area. After completing the security screening process, passengers can proceed to their departure gates.

    • Check-in

      We recommend you check with your airline to understand their flight check-in requirements, including when to check-in, baggage restrictions, available passenger assistance, online check-in, and baggage drop services.

    • Security screening

      The security measures we put in place reflect the strict regulation specified by the Australian Government to keep air travel safe.

  • Begin your holidays
    • Shop

      For everyday essentials and all the pressing stories, News Travels is the first stop for the traveller, providing news, books, gifts, and travel essentials.

    • Eat

      Crate is our inviting new dining space. With warm interiors, a licenced bar and a full menu option, Crate offers a comfortable and relaxed environment, perfect for a meal between flights or a quick coffee while waiting for your visitors.

    • Relax

      Relax and unwind before your next flight in the Qantas Club lounge.

  • Arriving in Alice Springs
    • Baggage claim

      All baggage carousels are conveniently located on the ground floor, where you can be greeted by your family or friends.

    • Leaving the airport

      Text your family or friends to be picked up, collect your rental car keys or catch a taxi.

    • Discover the Territory

      Whether you're coming back home or are new to Alice Springs, (re)discover the unique experiences the Red Centre has to offer.