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Preparation for your flight

COVID-19 passenger information

Airport Development Group is closely monitoring COVID-19 and is implementing a through and responsive approach to managing this rapidly changing situation.

Our priority remains the wellbeing and safety of our staff, contractors, visitors and travellers, and we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure our people and passengers are protected.

For more information about the Airport Development Group response to COVID-19 please see the below FAQ or call the Airport Development Group COVID-19 community hotline on 1800 313 177 to hear the latest information.

Before flying, we encourage you to visit for up-to-date information on hotspots and travel requirements. 

We encourage everyone to follow the recommended health and travel advice.


Airport Development Group COVID-19 FACTSHEET


Baggage limits vary from airline to airline - please visit your carrier's website for more information.


Passports & Visas

Make sure passports and any necessary visas are valid before you travel. This applies to both the countries you will be visiting and any transit stops.

The relevant country embassies can give you the latest information.

Note: Many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months upon arrival.

Smart Traveller is a useful resource to check before you travel.

Travelling with Pets

Every airline has its own arrangements for the carriage of pets. Passengers should visit their airline's website below to find out more:

For international passengers, Alice Springs Airport recommends you contact your airline.

Airside information

For queries on Airside Information and pre-purchase permits, contact Manager Operations on 08 8951 1201.

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Alice Springs Airport can accommodate full code E-type Aircraft B777/B747 and is an important alternate for the vast majority of traffic flying over the centre of Australia. The airport has also been certified for the A380.

Runway Information

Magnetic Bearing: Runway 12/30 Bearing 115°
Reference Code: Code 4
Length/Width/Slope:  2438m x 45m, slope down at 0.3% to the southeast
Graded Strip:  Approaches: 
Rwy 12 1.20% take-off gradient
Rwy 30 2.12% take off gradient
Pavement type and rating: PCN 60 Flexible high strength sub-grade
Tyre Pressure: 1750kPa or 254 PSI – Determined by Aircraft usage – runway grooved.
Type A Chart: Edition 1 May 2004
Magnetic Bearing:  Runway 17/35 Bearing 173°
Reference Code: Code 2
Length/Width/ Slope: 1133m x 18m, slope down at 0.2% to the south
Graded Strip:  90m wide
Approaches: Runway 17 1.36% take-off gradient
Runway 30 2.79% take-off gradient
Pavement type and rating: PCN 13 Flexible low strength sub-grade
Tyre Pressure 1048kPa or 152 PSI – Determined by Aircraft usage – Runway ungrooved.

Primary Apron Area

The Apron can cater for up to six free-moving Code C Aircraft (B737/A320) and a B777-200 on Bay 9. A diversion Bay designated Bay 26 allows for any code Aircraft to park on the apron.  The position is a power in from taxiway C and a power out to taxiway D.  Taxiway E is restricted to B737/A320 types and is not to be used by Aircraft with wingspan greater then 36m unless permission from the Airport Operator is granted.

Runway 12/30 Turning Nodes

The current node configurations allow for B747/B777/A380 to conduct 180° starboard turns. A combination of differential thrust and braking is required to complete the manoeuvre. Aircraft types such as the A340-600 may experience the maximum wheel angle deflections at the nodes. The node line is designed for standard B747-400. All other aircraft are to use minimum speed and maximum radius turns to avoid pavement damage.

Approach Lighting

Runway 12/30 T-VASIS
Runway 12 HIAL-CAT1
Note 0930-2200 UTC HIRL & HIAL only
Available with 90 minutes prior notice.

Ground Handling

Alice Springs Airport can provide equipment, such as mobile stairs to all types of Aircraft (lower deck of A380 only) A B777 air start cart is also maintained at the Airport, along with full-time low and high freight loaders.  A T-500 Tug is also at Alice Springs Airport.

Curfew and Noise Abatement

Alice Springs Airport is open 24/7 and there are no restricted flight paths for noise abatement procedures.