Crane operations

Find out how to apply for a Crane Operations Permit at Alice Springs Airport.

Regulations and legislation

Crane operations or other obstructions in the vicinity of an airport (approximately 15 kms) have the potential to create air safety hazards and to seriously limit the airport’s operations. For this reason, they are required to be assessed and approved in accordance with the respective regulations and legislation.

The airspace around Alice Springs Airport is protected under the Commonwealth Airports Act 1996, the Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1996.

It is an offence under Section 183 of the Airports Act 1996 to carry out, without approval, crane operations that intrude into an airport’s protected airspace; it is also an offence under Section 186 of the Act not to give information to the airport operator that is relevant to a proposed activity.

Applications to carry out crane operations should be made in writing (application form or email) to the airport as soon as possible. A minimum of three (3) days is required for the assessment process, however, if the proposed activity is expected to result in an intrusion into the OLS or PANS-OPS surface proponents should allow a minimum of four (4) weeks.

The information required for an application to be assessed must include:

  1. A description of the proposed activity (e.g. crane or concrete boom operation etc.)
  2. Its precise location (site address if a large site or co-ordinates/locations shown on map)
  3. The maximum height of the crane above ground level
  4. Ground level (AHD) at site (if known)
  5. Proposed operating times/dates and obstruction light required for night operations.

Alice Springs aerodrome has four zones to assist you in deciding if notification to Alice Springs International Airport is required prior to crane activity taking place. The four zones are:

Zone Area When must ASA be notified?
Zone 1 Within the RED area Take-off and Approach Critical Areas - ASA must be notified of all crane operations
Zone 2 Within the GREEN area - Inner Horizontal Surface ASA must be notified of all crane activity exceeding 20M AGL
Zone 3 Within the PURPLE area - Conical Surface ASA must be notified of all crane activity exceeding 40M AGL
Zone 4 The remaining area outside the PURPLE area and within 20 km of the aerodrome - Outer Horizontal Surface ASA must be notified of all crane activity exceeding 80M AGL.


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