Electronic Keys (EKA)

Find out how to apply for an Electronic Key (EKA) at Alice Springs Airport.


Alice Springs Airport (ASA) gates and doors not fitted with access control readers are controlled via electronic locks and padlocks with access obtained via Electronic Keys (EKA). Electronic Keys are issued to companies that have a valid operational requirement to access certain areas of the airport. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that keys are kept under constant control and are only utilised by staff that has a lawful purpose of using them at that time.

To apply for an Electronic Key, a company must be registered with the ASA Security Department and an authorised signatory must complete the Key application form.

There is a $100.00 deposit payable for all ASA-issued keys. You must retain your receipt and produce this when returning your key in order to be refunded your deposit. The deposit will only be refunded to the company stated on the receipt. Deposits will be refunded on the return of a key less the cost of restoring the key to its original condition, which at a minimum will be a new battery and new tip at approximately $30.00. ASA will determine the final deposit refund applicable.