Access control

Information about Access Control privileges through secure areas of Alice Springs Airport.

Secure areas access

If you hold an ASIC that is issued by an Issuing Body other than Alice Springs Airport (ASA), and you require Access Control privileges to gain access through secure areas of the airport, you will need to apply to ASA for Access Control permissions.

To apply for an ASIC, please visit the Veritas website and complete the online application.

Before Access Control permissions can be granted, you are required to sit a Security & Working on Airport Induction. This induction is renewed every 2 years, unless otherwise notified. If you have not completed the two inductions, as part of your ASIC new or renew application process, please visit and select “Inductions Only”.

  • If your ASIC was issued by Veritas, it can be coded with Access Control permissions. Complete the Access Control Application Form.
  • If your ASIC can’t be coded, a separate Access Card will be provided at a cost of $20 incl. GST.

The Access Control permissions on your ASIC will expire on the same date that your ASIC expires. You will need to complete and submit the above form each time you are issued with a new ASIC in order to obtain new Access Control permissions.

Renewing your ASIC
Veritas' online application allows you to complete the renewal process with ease. Once you have completed the online form, you will need to print a copy of the application form, gather your identity documents, and lodge your application with your Veritas agent or at the nearest Australia Post outlet: 33 Hartley Street, ALICE SPRINGS, NT, 0870.

If you have any queries on the application process, please contact Veritas for further assistance:

Access Control