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Project Eldon

Roadworks at Darwin International Airport commenced on Tuesday 15 June and will include roundabout construction, road realignment and the removal of some trees.
The upgrades will improve safety for all road users and be completed across a number of stages.
Access to Darwin International Airport and all businesses in the precinct will remain open for the duration of the project.

Trees removed will be transplanted where possible or replaced with natives.
Road users are asked to follow all traffic signs during construction.
The project is expected to be completed in December 2021.

View the DIA Road Upgrade Map


Will these roadworks add extra travel time to the airport?
  • The roadworks are focussed on improving access and safety
  • This is a well planned and staged project and all road users and stakeholder will be given notice of any expected impacts to travel time
Why is ADG doing works on a perfectly good road
  • ADG is undertaking these works to improve the safety of all road users and the capacity of the road
  • ADG has consulted with a range of stakeholders and will continue to keep stakeholders informed for the duration of the project
Could these roadworks cause accidents or impact airside access?
  • Maintaining airside access will continue to be a priority
  • Access to Darwin International Airport and all business located on the airport precinct will be maintained for the duration of the project
  • ADG will continue to inform and consult with emergency services and all key stakeholders throughout the project
  • This project aims to improve safety for all road users
These roadworks are very close to Rapid Creek, what measures are being taken to ensure this significant area is not impacted?
  • The project has been fully scoped and will be managed by ADG with experienced contractors
  • The project will not impact Rapid Creek
  • ADG takes our commitment to protecting the environment around all our airports very seriously, we are custodians of the land and want to ensure it is protected
  • Stakeholders will be informed and updated throughout all stages of the project
Why are well established trees being removed?
  • Removing any tree is always a decision of last resort and we do not make this decision lightly
  • We will be replant trees where possible and replacing any trees removed with drought tolerant natives.